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Places Munzees

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Purchase Limit: 1 Place per type per 15 days (except Garden 2 per 30 days)


Places Munzees are virtual game pieces to be positioned at locations that may be of interest all around the world. These Munzees can be captured once per MHQ day. You do not have to wait 24 hours before you can re-cap it, e.g. you can capture it at 11:30 MHQ time on Monday and 9:21 MHQ time on Tuesday.

Each capture of the following Places Munzee will earn you 20 points.

When deployed Places Munzees must be approved by MHQ staff members. This may take 24-72 hours to finalize the approval process.

  • Airport Places Munzees can be deployed at most airports in the world. 
  • Stadium Places Munzees can be deployed at stadiums of major sporting leagues around the world, including soccer (football), hockey, and rugby. 
  • Wildlife Places Munzees can be deployed at zoos, aquariums, wildlife preserves, or animal sanctuaries around the world.
  • Museum Places Munzees can be deployed at museums, art galleries and similar locations around the world.
  • University Places Munzees can be deployed at colleges and universities around the world.
  • Historical Places Munzees can be deployed at historical building or venues around the world.
  • Library Places Munzees can be deployed at public libraries around the world.
  • First Responder Places Munzees can be deployed at First Responder stations (Fire Departments, Police Stations, etc) around the world.
  • Faith Places Munzees can be deployed at places of faith (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc) around the world.
  • Cemetery Places Munzees can be placed at cemeteries, no funeral homes or crematoriums will be accepted.
  • Hospital Places Munzees can be placed at hospitals. Note that no animal hospitals or urgent care facilities will be accepted.
  • Post Office Places Munzees can be placed at actual post offices, mailboxes will not be accepted.
  • Unique Attraction Places Munzees can be deployed at unique roadside attractions across the world.
  • Cinema Places Munzees can be deployed at movie theaters and cinemas around the world. Stage theatres will not be accepted. 
  • Transportation Places Munzees can be deployed at mass transit stations around the world. These include train and bus stations, as well as subway or rail line stops.
  • Play Park Places Munzees can be deployed at smaller parks and playgrounds around the world. National Parks, Amusement Parks and school playgrounds will not be accepted.
  • Bank Places Munzees can be deployed at official bank buildings around the world. These will not include just an ATM, or "cash point" but an actual bank. The bank may be inside another business but must be a full service bank.
  • Beach Places Munzees can be deployed at many types of beaches around the world. They may be found at lakes, oceans, rivers, and many other bodies of water. "Beaches" at amusement parks, neighborhood pools and small playgrounds will not be accepted. "Real" beaches at "real" bodies of water are the intended locations.

  • Campground Places Munzees can be deployed at officially designated campgrounds around the world. These may include campgrounds that are a place of business but may also include free campgrounds.

  • Golf Places Munzees can be deployed at official recreation places used for golfing around the world. This type will include miniature golf, golf courses, and even some businesses providing indoor golf services.

  • Drink Depot: This is for the places where alcoholic beverages are made... not every location where it's consumed. Think vineyards, wineries, breweries, and distilleries, but not bars or restaurants!

  • Entertainment: This is for indoor places where you go to play! Think arcades, skating rinks, laser tag locations, BIG malls, and casinos!

  • Pet: This is for places relating to your furry friends! Think pet stores, dog parks, humane societies, and animal shelters!

  • Memorial: This is for memorials and locations of remembrance. For example, this Veterans Memorial near MHQ. As these places can take many different forms and can honor different subjects, this one can be quite tricky to define. In addition, a place may have the word “Memorial” in the name, but may not actually fit our intention with this game piece.
  • Gym: This is for places where you can get some exercise! Think gyms and fitness centers. Before you ask — no, Pokémon GO gyms don’t count!
  • Pharmacy: This is for drug stores and pharmacies. This is not to be used for little shops that sell a few medicines. It is for places designated as a pharmacy, or containing a pharmacy within a larger store. Must be 2,000 feet or more from other Pharmacy Places.
  • Barbershop: This is mainly for barbershops and hair salons, but will also include nail salons. It will NOT include pet grooming. Must be 2,000 feet or more from other Barbershop Places.
  • Pit Stop: This is mainly for public restrooms. It will NOT include restrooms inside a home, grocery stores, or restaurants, etc. Must be 2,000 feet or more from other Pit Stop Places.



Virtual Garden Places Munzee! -- see blog for full information

Virtual Garden Places Munzees can be deployed as an indicator of a Munzee Virtual Garden. Please note that this type is not a part of the actual Garden, but instead a pin to indicate its general location. Munzee Virtual Gardens are player created works of art based on virtual munzee deploys. Examples of Virtual Gardens include Sunset Cowboy in Ft. Worth, TX, Rose Garden in UK, and Scared Kitty in Lithuania. Since Virtual Garden Places Munzees will need to be double checked on the Munzee map it may take a bit longer than usual to approve. Please bear with our support staff and if they decline your submission please work with them to locate the area for confirmation. 

There must be a minimum of 50 virtual type pins deployed in a garden to qualify for this Places type.

Virtual Garden Places Munzees are $5/each and you can purchase 2 (TWO) every 30 days. These have a smaller proximity radius than other Places Munzees at 0.5 miles as well as a different point structure:

  • Deploy: 40
  • Capture: 10
  • CapOn: 5

Friendly Suggestion from MHQ: Add a link to the map in the munzee details so players can see the garden. Also, if there is a spreadsheet associated with the garden, link it in the description so others can help grow it!

Places Munzees are NOT blastable.